Marilyn and David's Wedding Anniversaries.

Eighth, in September 2010, on the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

trip to Croatia in the 1976 Daimler Avon-Stevens Convertible.

Twenty-four Jaguars and two Daimlers set off from the UK for a Croatian adventure in September 2010. The organisers were Simon and Ann Cronin, with support from Travel Destinations. Cars ranged from XK120 to an almost new XKR and set off from all corners of the UK. Most took the Dover to Calais Ferry route, but other routes included the Channel Tunnel and departure from Hull. The majority of the cars converged on the Hotel at Monchengladbach, near Düsseldorf  in Germany for the first night on foreign soil. A few cars drove independently to Croatia, meeting up with us at the KRK Hotel.

Dinner at Monchengladbach, 9th September 2010.

        Marilyn and I set off from North Devon on Wednesday 8th September in our 1976 Daimler Double Six Avon-Stevens Convertible for the 285 mile drive to the Best Western Clifton Hotel at Folkestone. There we met up with Simon and Ann Cronin for a pleasant relaxing dinner and the start of our Croatian adventure. The drive to Dover the following morning was much easier than we anticipated and we arrived early enough to catch the 08.30 Ferry, rather than the 09.15 one that most of the group boarded. We did catch sight of a “D” registered XJ series 3 Jaguar (not on our list) which turned out to be one of our group. I have been a member of the JEC since 1985, but this was only our third official JEC trip.


        After an excellent breakfast on board, we disembarked in France and headed for the A16 Autoroute. The journey through France and Belgium into Germany was uneventful until we almost reached our destination: that was when we hit the torrential rain. The final drive towards and into Monchengladbach was not so pleasant. The town was very busy, the traffic dense and slow moving and the rain was unrelenting. For the first time, we discovered that the car wasn’t water-tight when stationary. Water was coming in where the hood meets the peak rail and I arrived with a rather wet right leg!

            We were one of the first to arrive and it was good to be able to get ourselves installed in our room and then explore at our leisure, watching the rest of the group of wonderful Jaguars arriving. Dinner was a chance to meet up with the few travellers that we had met before on other trips. It is always a steep learning curve to try to remember all the names of those we haven’t met before: becoming ever more geriatric makes this all the more difficult to achieve. Name badges are an enormous boon and I try to associate people with cars to help the memory process.

It was our 8th Wedding Anniversary today.

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