Jaguar Holidays.

July 2012.  The Gaywood Golden Wedding Anniversary, Normandy.
The base for our stay in Normandy was the delightful
Le Presbytre at Saint-Bmer-les-Forges, just north of Domfront.
Up.      Daily Log         Photos of Le Presbytre and Saint-Bmer.
  We set off from North Devon on Thursday 26th July to catch the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. We stopped for dinner at the Seagull Restaurant, Portchester, Fareham before boarding the ferry. It was incredibly hot, with temperature of 85 F at 6pm. The ferry was delayed by over half an hour, but arrived on time at Caen.
Outside the wonderful  Le Presbytre
Marilyn with our Hostess Antoinette.

Up.     Daily Log     Photos of Le Presbytre and Saint-Bmer.

The area around Domfront, Orne, Normandy.