Alvis Holidays.

June 1998 to South-West France in the 1949 Drophead FCO 154.

This was essentially a trip down the West Coast of France as far south as the Bassin d'Arcachon. The first stop was in La Rochelle, a favourite on our trips. This was my first foreign trip on my own after Joan's death and I travelled sometimes with the Smiths, sometimes with the Walkers and sometimes on my own (not always intentionally!). The route was interesting to follow without the help of a navigator. It was quite straight forward to La Rochelle, then we headed south to the Gironde Estuary and crossed on the ferry from Royan to Le Bac Le Verdon Royan (Surlac-sur-Mer). The route then continued down the west coast, around the Arcachon Basin to our second Hotel at Gujan-Mestras. One of the most spectacular sights near here is the Great Dune of Pilat (at Pyla-sur-Mer) at over 300 ft.

Our journey continued to Hotels at Poitier  (brief one night stop) and Le Mans.  We called in to see the Chateau at Azay-le-Rideau as we headed north to cross the Loire and skirt around Tours on our way to Le Mans. The Le Mans museum was well worth the visit. The cars made an impressive display outside.


La Rochelle at Hotel Novotel La Rochelle Centre.

Gujan-Mestras at Hotel La Gueriniere.

Poitier at Hotel De France.

Le Mans at Hotel.

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The cars at the Le Mans Museum.