Alvis Holidays.

June 2012 Brittany. Portsmouth to Saint Malo overnight and drive to Josselin. Alvis Drophead FCO 154.

We sailed from Portsmouth on Thursday 7th June at 20.30 hours for Saint Malo, arriving at 07.30 on Friday morning. Most of the group met up for dinner at the Seagull, Portchester, Farham for dinner prior to boarding the ferry. The weather driving form home had  been terrible and the crossing was rather rough.

There were Seven Alvis cars , two Bentleys and one Jaguar XK150 taking part in the trip. The holiday was based at the excellent Hotel Au Relais de L'Oust, just a few miles outside Josselin. We stayed there five nights and then had a night in the old town at Saint Malo before catching the morning ferry back to Portsmouth on Thursday 14th June. The group was split into two for the final night: we stayed in the Hotel Anne de Bretagne. The weather was probably the worst we have ever had in an open car and the hood remained up for most of the trip. There were periods of torrential rain.

The Participating cars.   Click  Next  for the daily log and photos.


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Our Breakfast stop in Dinard after coming off the ferry.  Le Caf頁nglais.

Up.      The Participating cars.   Click  Next  for the daily log and photos.

Some additional photos taken from video.

View from the bedroom balcony.

Ready for the picnic run .