Alvis Holidays.

September 2016. Driving home from Pescara Italy in Alvis Drophead FCO 154,
and our 14th Wedding Anniversary on 9th September.

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    This holiday was organised by Mick Fletcher and Gez Holt. Twelve cars, from all over England, embarked upon a glorious drive home from Pescara in Southern Italy, having been transported out a week before from two collection points. Twenty three people made up the crews for this great adventure. Mick and Gez had flown out earlier to supervise unloading at the Francavilla al Mare Hotel and the cars were all parked at the Hotel ready for our arrival.


    We flew out from Stansted Airport at 10.55 on Sunday 4th September and were met by Mick and Gez, who had organised taxi transfers to the Villa Maria Hotel. It was very hot and sunny as we arrived at the Hotel. The terrace was a popular spot for afternoon drinks and relaxing before dinner. The group gelled immediately and the holiday began.


    Our car, the 1949 TA14 Carbodies Drophead Coupé, with 274,000 miles on the clock and owned since 1964, was ready and waiting. The cars spanned 12/60 to TF21, a wonderfully wide range.

The Itinerary.

THE “A “ TEAM  Alvis Trip to Italy, September 2016.

Return to England from Pescara.

Sunday 4th & 5th,            Villa Maria Hotel. Francavilla al Mare,  Pescara                           

2nd Hotel 6th & 7th .          Atlantic Hotel,  Riccione                                         

3rd Hotel  8th & 9th,          Hotel Villa Foscarini,  Mogliano Venito.    (Venice)

4th Hotel 10th&11th,       Hotel Miranda,  Riva Di Solto,  Bergamo (Lake Iseo)

5th Hotel 12th & 13th,       Hotel Carillon. Baveno, Feriolo (Lake Maggiore)               

6th Hotel  14th & 15th       Hotel Beaurivage. Weggis   ( Lake  Lucerne )          

7th Hotel  16th&17th         Hotel L’ Europe,  Colmar                                 

8th Hotel  18th &19th       Hotel  Hostellerie du Royallieu  Compiegne.           

20th Depart for Ferry/Tunnel home.

Unloading at Villa Maria.

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