Rolls Royce Holidays.

April 2007 from Weymouth to Jersey, staying in the Highfield area. 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II, CYT 321V. Chassis 40021.


The Expedition of 2007 to beautiful Jersey Island in the Southern Seas

by RREC South Western Section.

This was a very well supported event, organised by Tom Jones for the South-West section. Many participants were from the other RREC sections and the array of very early cars was extremely impressive. Many of the cars congregated at Weymouth on Monday 16th April  for the noon sailing to St Helier, Jersey.  There was a considerable delay (computer problems) and we were over an hour late arriving in Jersey. The local owners had arranged a drive around the eastern side of the island (with motorcycle outriders) to the Highfield Country Hotel near Trinity on the North-East part of the island. This was a most interesting introduction to Jersey and a demonstration of the differences from the mainland: imagine trying to hold up traffic on the mainland whilst a convoy of Rolls Royces navigates a road junction!

The Highfield Hotel was excellent and had just enough parking spaces for all the cars. A welcome reception was held in the Hotel after our arrival, followed by a buffet dinner. Marilyn and I were joined on this trip by my sister Pene and Husband Harry. There were a total of fifty people in twenty two cars. It was almost impossible to get to know so many new people during our short stay.

Highlights of the holiday were visits to the Pallot Steam Museum and La Mare Vineyard on Tuesday 17th, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Pottery at Gorey on Wednesday 18th and the Living Legend with Jersey Experience, followed by a visit to Samares Manor for lunch on Thursday 19th. We also spent time exploring various parts of the Island in the car. We had an excellent Gala Dinner on the Thursday evening, with the added attraction of a superb magician who circulated amongst the tables and amused us enormously. All in all, a really enjoyable few days in a fascinating island.

The return journey was from St. Helier Port at 17:00 hrs on Friday 20th April. This allowed us a full day to continue our exploration of the islands and visit the excellent Jersey War Tunnels and Museum at St. Lawrence. The drive home from Weymouth was tiring, as it was  after 23:00 hrs before we left the Ferry Port for the long drive home to North Devon.

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