Rolls Royce Holidays.

June 2014, sailing from Portsmouth to Santander overnight on 3rd June and returning on 16th June using the overnight ferry again. The trip was arranged by the 20hp Register of the RREC. We set out in our 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II, CYT 321V. Chassis 40021, but an obscure electrical fault in the gearbox kickdown solenoid resulted in us missing the ferry. We rebooked on the overnight ferry from Plymouth to Santander on 8th June, with our 1964 Park Ward Alvis, ASV 196, and joined the group at Luces.



        Twenty seven Rolls Royces and three Bentleys took part in this trip, with several other modern cars and our Alvis. The group met up on the first evening for dinner on the ferry, whilst we were being transported home in our "dead" Shadow, arriving at 12.45 am in torrential rain. The car had to be left in the layby opposite the house and all the luggage ferried to the house in Marilyn's little Ford Fusion.


Tuesday 3rd June.                Depart on the overnight ferry Portsmouth to Santander.

Wednesday 4th June.         Staying at Hotel Real in Santander.

Thursday 5th June.               Drive to the Parador at Leon..

Friday 6th June.                     Parador at Leon.

Saturday 7th June.               Parador at Leon.

Sunday 8th June.                  Drive to the Palacio de Luces.

Monday 9th June.                Palacio de Luces. We arrive four hours late after mechanical problems with the ferry.

Tuesday 10th June.              Visit to the Cider Factory, El Gaitero at Villaviciosa. This was followed by an excellent

                                                    lunch (menu del dia) at Amandi with some of the group.

Wednesday 11th June.        Cangas de Onis, Covadonga and up to Largo de la Ercina.

Thursday 12th June.               Lunch at the Marriot Hotel in Oviedo.

Friday 13th June.                    Free Day. Lunch on the coast at Llastres. Decoration of Mascots Competition.

Saturday 14th June.              Drive to the Parador at Fuente De, the heart of the Picos Mountains.

Sunday 15th June.                 Tour of the Picos area. The S. Glorio Pass, Riaļ®¼/span>

Monday 16th June.                Drive to Santander for the overnight ferry home. Group dinner on the ferry.

Tuesday 17th June.                Drive home to North Devon, with stop for a meal at Tiverton.


        We only clocked up a total of 706 miles (the lowest ever on a foreign trip) door to door, but sometimes in quite arduous conditions. A great relaxing holiday in wonderful company.

Up.    Photos and daily log.

The whole group at Palacio de Luces: the Mascot Decoration Competition.

Marilyn and I are in the far distance on the raised sitting area.

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The drive at Palacio de Luces.

The Hotel Palacio de Luces.

Our replacement "trusty steed" at the top of the S. Glorio Pass, 1609 metres.

Lago Enol.

Leaving the Palacio de Luces.

Up.    Photos and daily log.