Trip to South Africa for Toby and Maritza's Wedding at the Silver Sixpence near Dullstroom, Mpumalanga.

1st to 9th June 2016.
Based at the Kloppenheim Country Estate Hotel.
Travel on 1st June.
     We were driven from Hill House to Heathrow on Wednesday 1st June by our wonderful driver Cliff Rider to catch the 19.05 BA flight to Johannesburg. We reported directly to the Mobility Assistance desk and were immediately directed to the check-in desk for the hold luggage. Everything worked quite well this time. Security was also less of a problem, although still a major hassle.
    The flight was about 11 hours and not very comfortable. We were in the ordinary economy area this time, with even less room. However, the plane was a very modern Airbus 380 and we were in the front row. Service by the cabin crew was very good and the food was acceptable. It was still a very long an arduous flight though.
    Johannesburg Airport was wonderful. A wheelchair was waiting as we left the plane and Marilyn was whisked right through passport control to baggage reclaim. David had the usual difficulty keeping up, especially after collecting the main luggage. Marilyn was taken all the way to the hire car and it was an easy transition to our Mercedes C class saloon for the 145 mile drive to the Hotel.
    We stopped at Middleburg Plaza for coffee and light lunch. This was about two thirds of the way.  The final stage, down about 6 miles of very rough dirt road was rather traumatic: far worse than expected. We arrived at about 1pm, now Thursday, and found that our room was not in the Hotel. In fact, there were no rooms in the main Hotel. The accommodation was very spacious (Lakeview suite), but a car ride to the Hotel.
The main hotel lower centre and our " Lakeview Suite" to the right of top centre.
  The Silver Sixpence wedding venue and the Cairnfern Lodge accommodation.
The wedding was held in the woods to the left of picture.
Our trusty steed, a Mercedes C class saloon.

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